Newborn Screening

The thought of my baby having a rare disease never came to mind. Once I gave birth all I could think about was bringing my bundle of love home from the hospital. When the doctor told me that she was going to draw blood for the Newborn Screen my instant reaction was that something was wrong with my daughter. I wasn’t educated on the Newborn Screen, or that all babies should have this test done.

The Newborn Screen is a test that checks the baby’s blood for any rare or harmful diseases that aren’t noticeable at birth. If anything is detected, doctors have the opportunity to start treatment before the disease takes over the baby’s life.

I wanted to be sure I was doing all I could as a parent to protect my daughter’s health and future, so I had my daughter screened. A small prick on her heal was minor compared to the effects of a fatal disease gone undetected and most importantly untreated. We were fortunate to receive a negative result from the doctor’s office a couple weeks later.

By having my daughter take the Newborn Screen I gave her the opportunity to do anything her heart may desire. There is nothing holding her back from accomplishing her dreams. If she did have a disease and I hadn’t gotten her screened, her life would’ve made a one hundred and eighty degree turn when she was diagnosed.

I strongly encourage all mothers to demand the full Newborn Screen Tests from their doctors at the hospital. There are 56 now recommended. Women need to be aware that one of those screens includes pulse oximetry for congenital heart defects. That’s point of service testing–which means done at the hospital whereas the other screens are done at a lab. Except for hearing screening which is also point of service.

Although these might be the last thing on your mind, these test may save your baby’s life and bring you peace of mind knowing that your baby is okay.

This wonderful video below will explain everything need to know about the Newborn Screen and how this simple test has saved so many babies lives…

The Newborn Screen is easily one of the best things I have done for my daughter.

– Kayla Hurley, Teen Mom


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*Kayla Hurley


One response to “Newborn Screening

  1. I totally agree! I had no idea about newborn screening or pulse ox before I had my heart baby Corbin. After he passed at three months old, I helped create a law that requires all newborns in WV to be screened using pulse ox before they leave the hospital ( Thank you for sharing and spreading awareness! Pulse ox cheap, painless and saves lives:

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